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Big Data and International Development

The Institute of Development Studies (IDS) in Brighton, UK, has published an interesting research report: Big Data and International Development: Impacts, Scenarios and Policy Options, written by Stephen Spratt and Justin Baker. It focusses on the use of the growing data pools in developing countries. It analyses several policy areas: economy, human development, rights, and […]

Global Inclusiveness: Climate Change, Development Policy, and People With Disabilities (updated)

Yesterday, 195 countries adopted an agreement to combat climate change. And in July, 193 countries adopted the Sustainable Development Goals. Both are important successes for the future of humankind, even if it is not clear how far all these countries will stick to their commitments in the future. I find it interesting to look into […]

The two sides of freedom

Today, I am launching my new blog. In this first post, I will discuss the concept of freedom. I start with general thoughts, and then I apply them to Free Software licenses and especially the Free Software umbrella KDE. Throughout history, the word “freedom” has been used to mean many different things. It has been […]